Dog Scared Of Thunderstorm Gets Comforted By His Toddler Bestie And Folks Can’t Handle It

dog scared of thunderstorm

A diaper-clad toddler comforting a dog scared of a thunderstorm has gone viral. And this world certainly needs more of this kind of heartfelt compassion!

Finding a dog scared of thunderstorms is not all that uncommon. Bright flashes of lightning, loud booms of thunder, not to mention changes in barometric pressure can really take their toll on our poor pooches.

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There’s even a theory that dogs experience painful shocks from static buildup before a storm.

But whatever the cause, it’s heartbreaking to watch our fur-babies cower in fear and anxiety while a storm is raging. And this tiny tot certainly agrees!

Toddler’s Compassion Goes Viral

In a heartwarming video shared on Twitter, a dog scared of a thunderstorm got the best medicine from his tiny human.

When a storm swept through, it sent this poor dog to the laundry room, cowering in fear. And the toddler of the house knew just what to do!

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A sweet, little boy in nothing but a diaper is seen comforting and encouraging his terrified furry friend. He strokes the pup’s head and speaks calmly to him in that classic toddler jibberish. He hugs and holds his pal, just to let him know he’s not alone. And in return, the dog scared of a thunderstorm rewards the little boy with loving licks of appreciation.

WATCH: Toddler Consoles Dog Scared Of Thunderstorm

People are completely losing it over this precious video, and it’s no surprise!

“So much compassion in that little body,” one person said.

“Now that’s love,” commented another.

“Some heroes wear Huggies,” read another reply.

At the heart of this video is such an important principle — love others. And seeing such a tiny boy live out this simple truth is so powerful!

Life can get pretty scary. And we all need to be comforted from time to time.

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Thankfully, we all have someone ready to show us such uncompromising love and compassion, too. And His name is Jesus!

“I have said all these things to you so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble: but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

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Featured Image: Twitter