Bride’s Father Has Embarrassing Moment Walking Down the Aisle So She Issues an Amusing PSA

woman shares advice after embarrassing moment at her wedding

A married woman is sharing some advice following an embarrassing mishap as she and her father walked down the aisle.

A wedding ceremony and all the surrounding festivities is a happy, joyful occasion where friends and family witness two people in love make sacred vows to one another. It's a meticulously and carefully planned gathering where one little hiccup in any part can disrupt the entire day. Things not going according to plan are a recipe for potential disaster and an upset bride.

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A bride who experienced disaster during a very inopportune moment during her 2021 wedding is speaking out to warn others. In a video posted on TikTok, Sarah Grundman-Connors, 36, advises all women set to get hitched in 2024 to make sure they do one thing before walking down the aisle.

"Make sure that whoever is walking you down the aisle is wearing suspenders for this one reason," Sarah says.

As Sarah speaks, a clip of her walking down the aisle, being escorted by her father, plays behind her. About halfway through the clip, her father's pants fall, revealing his underwear to all her guests.

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Sarah ends the clip by saying, "I know, that was my dad."

In an interview with People, Sarah said that her father had been sick a few weeks before her wedding, resulting in him losing some weight.

During the pictures taken hours before the wedding, there was not an issue. Her father's pants did not appear to be a problem. But right as Sarah and her father were nearing the altar, disaster struck.

Father Warned Her His Parents Were Falling As They Walked Down The Aisle

Sarah recalls her father warning her that his pants were coming down.

“I squeezed his hand and said, ‘Hold them up with your right hand, we are almost there,'" Sarah said. "And before we knew it, they were on the floor.”

She added that once her dad picked up his pants from around his ankles, the entire room burst into laughter.

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@sarahcongrun PSA to all the 2024 brides- whoever is walking you down the aisle make sure they're wearing suspenders or a belt! #bride#wedding#bridesoftiktok#funny#fyp#bridal#humor#weddingsgonewrong #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Sarah_conhers

Sarah states that while her walk down the aisle did not go as smoothly as she'd hoped, it's a memory she will treasure.

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“Life is too short and I really wanted my wedding day to be laid back and really fun," she said. "I think that was one of the best ways it could have started to keep that theme going.”

"The time will come when your mouth will be full of laughing, and cries of joy will come from your lips."Job 8:21

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