Woman’s Engagement Ring Found By Workers 14 Months After Child Flushed It Down The Toilet

engagement ring found

An engagement ring found by city workers in California made for an astonishing discovery. Turns out, the diamond ring got flushed down the toilet 14 months earlier and was presumed to be lost forever!

Two people show their love and commitment to one another in a number of ways. The wedding ceremony and the public exchanging of vows immediately come to mind.

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Vow renewal ceremonies, parties and gifts commemorating special dates and occasions in a marriage are also popular.

However, the initial marriage proposal is the event that sets all the others in motion. It's a big step for any and every couple looking to make a lifetime commitment to one another. Normally, a man asks for a young lady's hand in marriage, complete with a diamond ring.

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Understanding how significant that specific piece of jewelry is in a relationship, one man went to great lengths to recover a ring after his fiancée's 5-year-old lost it. The child had actually flushed it down the toilet after John and Yana Glass had been engaged for only a month, according to the clip posted on YouTube.

John, after he removed the toilet from the floor, used a drain camera to search, hoping the engagement ring would be found. However, as the video shows, John didn’t locate it. Unfortunately, it was too far under the house for him to recover it.

Lost Engagement Ring Found 14 Months Later

John's next move was to ask the city of Chino Hills, California to flush the lines near the house. Unfortunately, that was also unsuccessful. Yana Glass was still without her diamond engagement ring.

Then, more than a year later, about 14 months after the ring went down the toilet, city workers who were simply doing sewer maintenance in the area came across the expensive piece of jewelry. Yana's engagement ring had been found and recovered!

One of the workers mentioned that the chance of anyone finding a ring in such a location is not good.

"It's literally one in a million to find a ring in here," he said.

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Likey, that ring will now never leave Yana's finger.

Genesis 2:24 "Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh."

WATCH: Engagement Ring Found By City Workers

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