Stranger’s Odd Request After Family Takes Photo At Walt Disney World

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A stranger and his wife agreed to take a family photo at Walt Disney World for the Fishers. So, Taylor and Chris Fisher smiled happily while holding their young son, Oliver. But minutes later, the man who snapped the picture returned with tears in his eyes and an odd request. And God clearly brought these families together for a special reason!

Family Photo At Walt Disney World

The Fishers were having a great time at Walt Disney World. After dinner, the family of 3 posed for a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower at Epcot Center. A “sweet couple” was kind enough to snap the photo for them.

“They were very patient as Oliver did not cooperate during the picture taking and finally got a decent one. We said ‘thank you' and went on our way," Taylor recalled.

A few minutes later, the man who’d taken the picture came up to the Fishers with tears in his eyes. He introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally, assuring the family he wasn’t “creepy.” But they did have a somewhat odd request — they wanted to take the Fisher’s young son shopping.

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You see, Scott and Sally had children, too. Three of them were off with their grandparents in another section of Walt Disney World. But their youngest son, Duke, had passed away just a few months back. This day would have been his first birthday.

The Fisher’s young son, Oliver, reminded Scott and Sally so much of Duke. So, they wanted to take him on a shopping spree in honor of their deceased son’s birthday.

“As a parent, and looking back on the moment, you would never think to just give your child over to perfect strangers but in that moment I was so overwhelmed with peace, a peace that only God can provide, that I handed my little boy over and watched as he held the hands of these two people whom my heart suddenly felt so connected with,” Taylor said. “Chris and I of course followed behind (we’re not that crazy).”

This encounter was clearly not chance, it was divine!

A Step Toward Healing

Taylor and Chris stayed nearby the whole time, keeping a close eye on Oliver. They reveled as they watched God’s work.

“When we got to the store Sally held Oliver’s hand and led him to the toys,” Taylor recalled. “I watched her eyes turn from sadness to joy every time Oliver smiled at her. I watched the sorrow turn to hope each time Oliver picked up a toy and hugged her thank you. As Oliver reached ‘up, up’ I watched Scott’s pain start to fade as he held Oliver and wept into his head. Through an act of their own generosity, I witnessed a couple begin to heal from the grief and ache of losing something so dear.”

Once the shopping spree was complete, Taylor says both couples stood in the middle of the store and prayed together. Sally confessed she’d been praying for closure. And there was no doubt God had brought these strangers together for precisely that. After her time with Oliver, she was ready to start healing.

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Again, Taylor was blown away by how God works.

“Had we stopped in one more shop, taken one more picture, went a different direction, watched the parade a little longer, we would have missed it,” Taylor said. “But we didn’t because God was in control. And that, my friends, makes life a whole lot more meaningful.”

What a beautiful reminder of how God is always with us, even in the depths of grief. It’s amazing how He can use anyone, even a complete stranger, to do the most incredible things!

Will you let Him use you today?

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