2 Sisters Made A Wish At Disney World And God Answered With A Miracle

Nothing Is Impossible For Our God


Dan and Jenn Lynk hoped their family vacation to Disney World would be special — they just had no idea how special! When their two daughters, Katy and Lauren, stopped to toss a quarter into a fountain, the girls made what seemed to be an impossible wish. But God knows the desires of our hearts, and for Him, nothing is impossible!


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The sisters had no idea of the struggle it had been for their parents to conceive. They didn't know it had taken the couple many years and many fertility treatments before they were able to have them. So, when they wished for a baby brother, they had no idea they were wishing for the impossible.

“I thought they were crazy,” says their mom, Jenn. “I was like ‘Oh, you guys can wish all you want, but it’s not going to happen.'”


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But when the family returned home from the trip, Jenn decided to take a pregnancy test. And she was positively shocked and delighted when it came back positive! And the timing of conception went back to the Disney trip. The ecstatic parents surprised the girls with the news using homemade cards.


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Even the doctor who oversaw the pregnancy couldn't deny the hand of God! He said,

“Someone with issues with getting pregnant for a number of years and then has a spontaneous pregnancy is definitely a miracle.”

The couple soon learned they would be having a boy, and chose the name Jaxon. But then things got a little scary for the family.


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Jaxon was born 7 weeks early and wasn't breathing. Jenn also had complications.


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But God was at work the whole time, and both mama and baby made a full recovery!

“Every time I see Jaxon in Jenn’s arms, it’s just a miracle,” says Dan.


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Both Jenn and baby Jaxon are now at home with the rest of the family, who all agree it's absolutely everything they had hoped and wished for. Our incredible God still answers prayers!

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