Quick Thinking Father And Daughter Avoid A Deadly Kidnapping Plot

It was a scary night for 17-year-old Amber Brackney and her father, but thanks to their quick thinking, both of their lives were spared. Amber works as a waitress part time and was returning home late one night. She had a weird, eerie feeling as she approached her house.

She noticed that three barrels were blocking her driveway. As she drove around the barrels, she hesitated to get out of the car to go inside. Her dad was in the house waiting for her to come home and he had the same feeling she did. He was also suspicions of what was going on around their property because their dogs had been barking non-stop.

He grabbed his shotgun when the censored floodlights turned outside of his house. He saw two individuals standing near the garage door of his home trying to break in. That when Amber's father let off three shots from his shotgun to scare off the predators.

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He quickly called the police who were able to track down the four suspects.They found their white Jeep that was filled with what appeared to be items used to kidnap someone. It appears as though the predators were plotting to kidnap Amber and rob her family's home.

Unfortunately, the four teenagers who targeted Amber were students of her school. That brings Amber discomfort. She is scared to go to school and even afraid to sleep alone. She and her dad are praying to find peace. But thankfully, Amber and her dad are safe.

WATCH: Father And Daughter Quick Thinking

Credit: Youtube/ABC News

Source: Youtube/ABC News

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