Child Kept Ending Up In The Principal’s Office Until A Friendly Bus Driver Changed Everything

friendly bus driver

Friendly bus driver Charles Frierson used kindness and friendship to make a huge impact in the life of a struggling child, helping the boy to do a “complete 180.”

Friendship or simply showing someone kindness can have a massive impact on their life. No one can be sure what battle someone else may be secretly fighting.

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But an act seemingly as insignificant as a smile or a short conversation may be just what that person needed at that moment.

Friendly Bus Driver Makes A Difference

Charles Frierson is a friendly school bus driver. But for 6-year-old Kameron and his mother, Kelly Isenberg, Charles is much more than just a school employee. He is a trusted friend who has done more than expected to show Kameron kindness.

Charles understands how big of a difference a kind word or act can mean in someone's life, especially to a child.

"You don't know what kids may be going through," he said. "And it's that ‘good morning,' ‘have a good day,' that ‘how you doing?' And that small relationship and small communication with them makes a difference. And so, that's what I enjoy."

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Kelly, so moved by Charles' consistent acts of kindness to Kameron, reached out to the school district with a letter, letting them know how much he has done for her son.

"Mr. Charles goes above and beyond every day for my son," she read in a video posted on YouTube.

She added that the friendly bus driver often eats lunch with Kameron and puts an extra treat in his backpack as he walks off the bus. Charles has even, on weekends, come to Kameron's baseball games.

Kindness Leads To Change

Kameron's special education teacher mentioned that the 6-year-old had been "struggling," but because of Charles' kindness, the young man has "done a complete 180."

Kameron's teacher referred to Charles as a heavenly being for what he has done and continues to do.

"Mr. Charles truly is an angel walking here on earth," she said.

Being kind to someone is simple and easy, but it can make all the difference. As a friendly bus driver, Charles, with kind words and actions, made a big difference in Kameron's life.

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Ephesians 4:32 "And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."

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