Preschool Teacher Has Art Projects For Students, And The Results Are Adorably Hilarious

fun art projects for students

A preschool teacher assigned fun art projects for her students, and the results are adorably hilarious.

After teaching her students all the things that happen on a farm, Briar Van Driel wanted to give her students a chance to do something creative with the knowledge they learned. She assigned her students a creative, fun art project.

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The job was to create a horse with some construction paper, googly eyes, and yarn. But instead of giving them a visual example, Briar gave them verbal instructions.

The results will leave you laughing! And it's also a painful reminder of how we display our children's creativity on the fridge as we pray God helps them forget you hung it up there sooner than later. That, of course, leads to our next prayer of asking God not to let it be known you had secretly snuck to the garbage bin in the dead of night to bury it at the bottom.

Fun Art Projects For Students Bring Laughs

Briar handed out the supplies and gave instructions to create a horse. When the art pieces came back, she couldn't help but make a video.

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“My preschoolers’ horse mane art,” Briar wrote across the opening of the video while showing her example horse, “Except it gets progressively more abstract.”

Briar knew her preschoolers would need a little guidance, but she never expected such unique and abstract versions of what a horse looks like in the eyes of her students.

“They just had the verbal guidance that we were making a horse and got to look at a picture of a real horse. They had full creative freedom to use the provided pieces in whatever way they desired on their papers," she wrote.

The first horse mane art pieces were somewhat representational, but eventually, the art pieces are akin to Picasso, and one of them resembles E.T. But they are pre-schoolers — they have 12 years of education and art classes to improve their craft.

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In the meantime, we can smile and say, "Honey, you did such a great job," as we hang it on the fridge. Thank God for the ability to express ourselves through the channel of art. May it remind us we are also a creative work in progress in his hands.

"But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand." Isaiah 64:8

WATCH: Teacher’s Fun Art Projects For Students Get Adorably Hilarious Results

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Here are some more of the fun art projects her students have done and other funny moments with these preschoolers!

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