Funny Pit Bull Lets Out The Craziest ‘Laugh’ Every Time She’s Nuzzled By Owner

funny pit bull anja laughs like gremlin

The crazy noise this funny Pit Bull lets out every time her human nuzzles her neck has the whole Internet cracking up!

Dogs are a true blessing from the Lord. They enrich the lives of the humans who love them in so many ways.

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And a funny Pit Bull named Anja is spreading joy all over after becoming a viral sensation with her… um, unique?… reaction to being tickled!

Funny Pit Bull ‘Gremlin Laugh’ Goes Viral

Aslyn McNew, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, pulled out her camera and started filming when she found Anja and Aslyn’s daughter, Lu, in the bed together watching TV.

funny pit bull anja laughs like gremlin

Credit: Daily Mail/Aslyn McNew

The two made a precious pair all cuddled up in the bed together under a blanket. But what caught Aslyn’s attention was the bizarre sound coming out of Anja’s mouth!

Lu would nuzzle her head into Anja’s neck and the pup loved it. But the funny Pit Bull is clearly ticklish. And her “laugh” had both Lu and Aslyn cracking up!

“Whenever Anja laughs like this, it brings [us] so much joy,” Aslyn said. “She sounds like a gremlin to me.”

And that joy is now being shared with folks from all over the world. After Aslyn shared it online, the video of the laughing Anja went viral!

Heartwarming Story Behind Gremlin Laugh

As funny as it is to hear this gentle giant’s laugh, it’s also so heartwarming since it shows how far Anja has come.

“When we rescued her, she didn’t know how to live in a home as she had been left much longer than the other dogs,” Aslyn explained. “It took a few months to get her really potty trained but she has become a great companion.”

So, watching Anja soak in all the affection in her loving forever home is just amazing!

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We read in Psalm 100:1 to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” And I think that’s exactly what this funny Pit Bull is doing!

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h/t: Daily Mail

Featured Image: Aslyn McNew