1 Strand Of Hair Nearly Cost Her 5-Month-Old His Toe So Now She’s Alerting Other Parents

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Hair around a baby’s toe may not sound like a huge deal but it is actually very dangerous. Now, Missouri mom Sara Ward shares the story of how this very situation nearly sent her 5-month-old son, Logan, to the emergency room!

Sprains, bruises, scrapes, rashes-those are just a few of the physical ailments that often befall every single kid before they learn to walk! Those are the ones everyone knows about. But here's one you might not have heard of. It's called Hair Tourniquet Syndrome, which happens when a strand of hair wraps tightly around a baby’s toe. And it can be very dangerous!

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Watch as one little guy's parents share their experience with this bizarre, and fortunately unlikely, situation.

Hair Around Baby’s Toe Wreaks Havoc

Meet Missouri family Tony and Sara Ward, and their adorable son, Logan. Tony and Sara express how concerned they were when 5-month-old Logan's toe became very red and swollen. The video shows how angry and sore it was when they made the decision to rush Logan to his pediatrician.

Though they had observed a "line" around Baby Logan's toe, they had no idea what was causing it to become so inflamed.

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The pediatrician found a hair around the baby’s toe and identified the problem as Hair Tourniquet Syndrome. This is a condition whereby a tiny hair or thread gets wrapped around a body part and cuts off circulation in the area. If not treated soon enough, the tissue can die. Most often, HTS happens to fingers or toes.

The family's pediatrician spent forty minutes doctoring Logan's toe. Using a magnifying glass, tweezers, and even a scalpel, the doctor worked to remove a segment of hair from around Logan's baby toe. However, by the next morning, Logan's toe had gotten worse.

Sara and Tony took Logan to the emergency room, and he was then admitted to the hospital. Even though his toe was in bad shape, Logan looks sweet and happy in his cute blue pajamas.

Mom Shares Story To Warn Others

Sara describes how they progressed through the day applying hair removal creams and numbing ointments in order to probe the toe sufficiently and release the entire hair wrapped around Logan's baby toe. Eventually, it worked!

Once freed from that horrible strand of hair, Logan's precious middle toe healed beautifully. Mom and Dad raise their little guy up to show everyone just how pretty Logan's toe is again.

It certainly is a blessing to have medical facilities, doctors and nurses, proper tools, and pharmaceutical products that help loving parents care for their sweet kids! And, it's a blessing when families like The Wards share their stories to help others down the line!

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WATCH: Parents Warn Of Hair Around Baby’s Toe

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