Sweet Husband Lovingly Learns How to Apply Make up for Wife When She Can No Longer Do It

how to apply make up

A devoted husband learned how to apply make up so he could do it for his wife who could no longer do it for herself. What a beautiful act of love!

Marriage is a beautiful, life-long commitment made between two people. While standing at the altar before their friends and family, those two individuals vow to remain together for better or worse, sickness and health. They are to lift up and encourage each other when life becomes too much and weighs them down.

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A short clip posted on Instagram shows the kind of commitment and love the Lord likely envisioned when He created the institution of marriage. It's a video that will likely cause even the most stoic and emotionless person to shed a tear or two or three.

Husband Learns How To Apply Make Up

The video shows a husband sitting before his wife. Her hands are constantly trembling. Sadly, because of her condition, she cannot apply make up on herself. This, as the video states, had gotten her feeling down and discouraged.

But her loving husband, wanting to put a smile back on his wife's face, hired a make up artist to teach him how to apply make up for her.

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The make up artist sits off to the side, guiding and directing the husband as he carefully and intently follows her words. Once he applies make up to one of her eyes, he looks back at the make up artist and asks for reassurance.

"Is that good?" he asks.

"I just don't feel right without my make up on," the wife says.

Next, the man lovingly and lightly grabs his wife's face as he delicately puts lipstick on her.

A Good Student

After completing the tutorial, the make up artist informs the caring husband that he did a "really good job."

The husband greatly appreciated her words, as signaled by his body language. His shoulders instantly relaxed, likely indicating that he was nervous because he badly wanted to bring a smile back to his wife's face.

After the husband finishes learning how to apply make up on her face, he holds up a mirror so his wife can inspect his work. She is instantly brought to tears, overwhelmed with the love and kindness that they have shown her.

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"Oh, honey, I look beautiful," she says. "I look like myself now!"

What a beautiful display of love and kindness.

1 Corinthians 16:14 "Let all you do be done in love."

WATCH: Husband Learns How To Apply Make Up For Wife

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