Here Is How to Be an Intentional Grandparent to a Teenager According to an Expert

how to be an intentional grandparent

Parenting expert Mark Gregston weighs in on how to be an intentional grandparent during the teenage years. And what he says is powerful!

In this interview, Focus on the Family has Mark Gregston as a special guest to talk about grandparenting. Mark has written a book called "Grandparenting Teens: Leaving a Legacy of Hope."

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Mark shares that he was scared to become a grandparent. He says that grandparenting is kind of a "do-over." This can be a positive or a negative based on someone's viewpoint. Mark says that you learn what matters and what doesn't matter. He shares that this is a completely different role.

How To Be An Intentional Grandparent

Mark explains that he did not enjoy his own grandparents. He did not want to be cranky and uninvolved like his own. He chose to be an intentional grandparent involved with his kids and grandkids. Mark says that our grandkids have to grow up in this culture, and we have a responsibility to influence them. They need wisdom, "A little bit of gray hair." Grandkids need someone outside of a parent to hear from.

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They talk about how to honor the parents (adult children) and their decisions. He also supports his kids in everything and backs them (unless, of course, there is something dangerous going on). Mark says that he invites his grandchildren to everything and tries to love them well. Mark emphasizes the value of relational investment.

The Wisdom That Comes With Age

Mark empowers grandparents to know that they have wisdom and something to offer this next generation. They discuss things that are hard to learn. There is a large encouragement to care for the child's heart, not behavior.

Mark shares that they have a residential counseling center. He is grandparenting even children who are not his biological grandkids. Mark teaches that demanding perfection, overwhelming authority, and being judgmental is damaging to a child. They discuss how Jesus is the perfect model for caring for others. He did not focus on the behavior but on the heart that leads to life change.

The men share the challenge of how we desire to project perfection. However, the vulnerability helps others draw closer. This interview on how to be an intentional grandparent is refreshing for parents and grandparents alike.

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Honestly, it motivates anyone to invest in a young person today. Give it a listen. You will not regret taking the time to learn.

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