Country Singer Performs Original Song ‘If There’s A Phone In Heaven’

phone in heaven

In this touching video, country singer Mike Manuel shares his original song ‘If There’s A Phone In Heaven.’ We all have a special person in our lives that we can call on no matter the time of day. But when we lose this loved one, it can be difficult to navigate this crazy world without them. While we know they are in Heaven, with the Lord, we still wish we could talk with them. This country song imagines what it would be like if we could pick up the phone and just speak with our loved ones just one more time.

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“And give me one more chance to tell her

That I love her

Oh, let me hear her sweet voice one more time

For I want her to know how much

I’m thinking of her

If there’s a phone in Heaven

Put my mama on the line”

For many people, this special person is a parent. That is the case for singer-songwriter Mike Manuel. His touching song ‘Phone In Heaven’ is the perfect way to express these sentiments.

Mike Manuel Sings About Having A Phone In Heaven

It was originally written about his mother in heaven. If only we could call Jesus up and just hear our loved one’s voices one more time.

“All those things I should have told her

When I still had the chance

But one day, Lord, you took her

With no warning in advance

So I’m begging now please give me

One last opportunity

If there’s a phone in Heaven

Let my mama talk to me”

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This song definitely brought tears to my eyes as I thought about those I’ve lost. What do you think about this beautiful country song?

WATCH: Mike Manuel – If There’s A Phone In Heaven

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