Girl Struggled with Stairs at Football Game and Image of Police Officer Carrying Her Went Viral

image of police officer carrying

One image of a police officer carrying a girl is going viral, and his act of kindness is getting praised by many online.

We all know that it can be a big trek to get to those "nosebleed" seats at the top of large football stadiums. At a recent Florida State University football game, that is exactly what happened for one young woman.

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She was having a hard time walking up all the steps to get to her seat, so Deputy C. Hall stepped in to help. One person at the football game, Brittney Howard, noticed the act of kindness and snapped a picture of it before sharing it online.

"I just wanted to take a minute and recognize Deputy C. Hall that was working the Florida State football game Saturday night," she wrote in a Facebook post. "This young girl that has difficulty walking was struggling to get up the steps to her seat so he asked her and her mother if they would be okay with him carrying her. He walked at least 30 rows up to her seat and did not hesitate one bit in offering to do so."

Image of Police Officer Carrying Girl at Football Game Goes Viral

What a sweet moment! The picture of the kind act quickly went viral, and many people shared their comments and praise for Deputy Hall's good deed.

"That’s awesome! Thank you Deputy for going above and beyond!" one person writes online.

"Unsung heroes are always never know when you will need one," another person comments.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office, where Deputy Hall works, also praised him for his actions on their Facebook page.

The image of the police officer carrying this young lady eventually reached the officer’s family. And it became even more meaningful when his proud wife credited God with making this moment possible.

“He was diagnosed with throat cancer in January and underwent 34 radiation treatments February-April,” the officer’s wife shared online. “He lived on Smoothies, milkshakes and cream soups for months, lost 30lbs and for a couple of months could barely walk to the mailbox and back. This ....This is what God can do!”

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God bless this deputy and the hard work that he does to serve his community!

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