Woman Struggling to Walk Is Shocked When the Lead Singer in Coldplay Stops to Help Her

lead singer in coldplay

A woman struggling to walk is shocked when the lead singer in Coldplay stops to help her. What would you do if your favorite celebrity stopped to help you out of a bind?

Saundra Glenn, a 64-year-old fan of Coldplay, doesn't go out to concerts anymore because her hips bother her. But she couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her favorite band in her hometown. That night, as she readied herself for the concert, she was thrilled to experience Coldplay live.

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Her Hip Started to Bother Her

But her "dodgy right hip" began to bother her. She stopped to rest and even considered going home, but then a black Mercedes pulled up beside her. A female driver asked Saundra if she needed assistance getting to the concert. Saundra couldn't believe her luck and was thankful for the ride. But she got the shock of her life when the back door opened, and she came face to face with Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay.

"The door opens and I said, ‘Oh that's Chris Martin, I can't get in with him' and they said ‘yes you can,’" Saundra said.

Chris assured her it was no problem at all to help her out. Then Saundra joked, "I'm 64 Chris, I don't do festivals, I've come just to see you and now I've seen you and I can go home," which made the star laugh.

Saundra Found Herself In the Company of The Lead Singer in Coldplay

Despite initial hesitations, Saundra found herself in the company of her musical idol, forming an instant connection as they shared jokes and bonded over shared experiences. During their conversation, Saundra mentioned a campaign to alter the lyrics of Coldplay’s song ‘Yellow’ to ‘Orange’ in tribute to Luton and its football club. While Chris remained discreet, he hinted at “a good surprise” in store.

True to his word, Coldplay unveiled a brand-new song, ‘Orange,’ during the performance as a tribute to Saundra’s hometown. However, Chris' compassion and kindness extended beyond the stage; he ensured Saundra’s safe arrival at her destination and arranged assistance for her to reach her seat.

Saundra’s encounter left an indelible mark, not solely due to the concert’s splendor but also owing to Chris' genuine care and attentiveness. She fondly describes him as “such a kind person,” deeply appreciative of the unforgettable act of kindness that brightened her day.

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It Was Quite the Act of Kindness

Saundra said, "He gave me an act of kindness that I'll forever be grateful for, and he's given Luton its cool back, thank you."

Meeting Chris Martin transcended merely seeing her favorite band; it was an encounter with an everyday angel whose warmth and compassion brought immeasurable joy and kindness to her world. What an incredible gift!

Hebrews 10:24 “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”

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