Amazon Driver’s Kindness Inspired After He Shoveled the Snow Off Man’s Wheelchair Ramp

shovel the snow off

The kindness of one Amazon driver touched hearts all over after he shoveled the snow off the ramp at a wheelchair-bound man’s home.

Winter is likely most people's least favorite season. The winter season can be potentially hazardous, making life more difficult for nearly everyone. The snow, ice, frigid temperatures and bone-chilling wind chills make travel more difficult and delay schools. Who wants to deal with all that?

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However, the snow and ice that typically accompany winter can make life exceedingly more difficult for people with disabilities, especially those individuals confined to wheelchairs.

As a clip posted on YouTube shows, one young man, an Amazon delivery driver, in Ohio seemed to understand this fact. During his delivery route, he stopped and shoveled the snow off the wheelchair ramp at Don Wheeler's home.

Typically, Don must shovel the snow off all by himself. As he explains, it's a task that can require several hours even days to complete.

"It can take me hours even," Don said. "Sometimes it's taken me two days to shovel."

Amazon Driver’s Act Of Kindness

On one snowy day, Don did not have to shovel himself. He got some help.

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"I got a message saying my package was the next delivery," he said. "And I was getting ready to come out to shovel, and I was like, ‘Well, maybe I'll meet the guy outside."

Then Don started hearing an odd sound outside his front door.

"I realized I started hearing noises of somebody shoveling," Don said. "I was like, ‘Is somebody shoveling my ramp?'"

Sure enough, Don looked out his window and witnessed the Amazon delivery driver hard at work. He shoveled the snow off the wheelchair ramp.

When the Don attempted to thank the young man for his kind efforts, he smiled and went on his way, delivering packages. Don says that the delivery driver didn't even give him his name.

"It was purely from the heart," Don said.

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What a kind and loving move from that young man. He did it because he saw a need and acted – an unexpected act of kindness that meant so much to Don.

Ephesians 4:32 "And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."

WATCH: Amazon Driver Stops To Shovel The Snow Off Man’s Wheelchair Ramp

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