Man Spots Neighbor Who Lost Her Husband and Drops Everything to Give Her a Hug

lost her husband Aldon O’Neill Ward

When a man noticed his neighbor walking alone and realized she'd lost her husband, he dropped everything and rushed to give her a much-needed hug.

Neighbors have unique relationships. While we may not know each other’s names, we see each other and speak regularly; we know one another's routines. And, even though we may have only shared small talk, there is often genuine affection in those casual connections.

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That was the case for Aldon O'Neill Ward, who shared his touching story with Love What Matters.

Getting To Know The Neighbors

Aldon observed an elderly couple walking in his neighborhood for years. He wrote, "Since 2011, I've seen an older couple walking the neighborhood every morning and evening. They had matching windbreaker outfits, large white new balance sneakers, and a stick in hand."

He described how the two waved, blew kisses at his dogs, and commented on what a beautiful day it was-even when they walked in the rain. Though they'd never exchanged names, he knew where they lived, and they knew where he and his boys lived.

Aldon recalled a story from 2015. He was returning home from the beach with his red Doberman. The top and doors were off of his Jeep, and he'd landed on Maroon 5's cover of "The Way You Look Tonight." As Aldon turned onto his street, he noticed the couple walking. They wore "huge" smiles and their "matching windbreaker outfits." He reached to turn down the blasting radio's volume, but the man motioned for him to turn the tune up.

The man exclaimed to Aldon, "Sure is wonderful to hear stuff like that being played by a young'n!" Then, he gave his wife a twirl and they danced. Over the years, as Aldon exercised, tended to his yard, or washed his Jeep, he'd play all sorts of music. If the couple happened by, they'd wave, smile, and dance no matter what Aldon happened to be listening-country, heavy metal, or rap! The couple danced.

Neighbor Lost Her Husband

Then, one day, Aldon was watering his yard. He saw the woman walk by alone and waved to her. She waved back, and Aldon jokingly called out, "Where's the better half?' She slowed and began to shake her head. She looked up at Aldon and, in a trembling voice, told him that she didn't "have him anymore."

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Aldon's heart sank, and he rushed down to the street. As he approached, he questioned her, "Ma'am?" She turned toward Aldon, tears streaming down her face. It became clear that the woman had lost her husband.

The two didn't say another word. They hugged, and he comforted her as he would his mother or grandmother. The lady sobbed into Aldon's chest for a moment and said, "I'm just trying to do the things we used to, so I still feel like he's around...I needed that hug more than you know. Thank you for all the music."

It would have been convenient for Aldon to continue his work without questioning or taking time to go to his neighbor. But, he chose otherwise. He offered his kindness when she needed it most. Even though they might never have exchanged names, they'd formed a sweet friendship over the years. He'd played his music nice and loud, and they'd consistently provided the young man with an example of what true love looks like!

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"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

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