Heartbroken Widow Goes To Work For Walmart After Husband Dies And Finds Joy

woman who works at walmart greets, welcomes customers

One elderly Walmart employee in Kentucky uses work, her infectious personality and her beautiful smile to make a positive difference in lives daily.

Work is not an activity most people eagerly await each day. Instead, it’s usually something people do begrudgingly, choosing only to participate because of obligation. Money, for the vast majority, is the only motivating factor for going to a job. However, for one woman in Kentucky, her job means so much more than a regular paycheck.

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Mary Ruth Robinson is an 86-year-old greeter at the Walmart in Carrollton, Kentucky, according to WDRB. As customers walk into the store, they immediately encounter Mary, who lovingly welcomes them with a smile and a kind word or two.

Mary loves what she does. She's making a huge difference, helping to brighten the days of customers she meets.

One woman told WDRB that Mary is "just always smiling." Another Walmart shopper, Ted Holcomb, mentioned, "You don't find somebody like her every day anymore."

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However, despite Mary's cheerful greetings, she has experienced great loss and sadness. The love of Mary's life, her husband, Jackie, passed away from Parkinson's disease, which had left him bedridden for five years, according to Good News Network.

Mary Went To Work To Help Her Deal With The Loss Of Her Husband

To make the devastating loss even worse, the day Jackie passed away was their wedding anniversary. Mary was crushed by the loss of her husband. To help her deal with the devastating blow, Mary went to work.

"I wish everybody could have that kind of love," Mary said. "I thought well if I don't go to work, I will die of loneliness because I miss him."

While Mary may be hurting, she is making a difference in the lives of people she meets at the Kentucky Walmart.

Mary's daughter, Julia Jaddock, recalled an interaction between Mary and the mother of a boy with autism.

"The mother let him pass ahead, and she turned around and said ‘You know what? You mean the world to my son,'” Julia said. “She goes, ‘You don't know, but my son is autistic, and he wouldn't hug anyone. You are so special to him.’"

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A simple smile or a kind word can mean the world to someone. We never know what battles someone else is fighting.

"The righteous cry and the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to them that are of a broken heart; and saves such as be of a contrite spirit."Psalm 34:17-18

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