Little Girl Wants To Marry Daddy But The News That He’s Taken Breaks Her Heart

little girl wants to marry daddy

3-year-old Bella Atkinson, a sweet little girl, wants to marry her daddy. But when she realizes he’s already taken, her reaction is precious!

There is something so precious about the bond between a father and his little girl. In fact, a good dad models for his daughter how a man is meant to treat a woman.

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So it comes as no surprise that many little girls innocently want to marry their daddy. And 3-year-old Bella Atkinson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is no different!

The Perfect Husband

Bella adores her father, Matt. The time he takes with her and the attention he shows sounds like all the hallmarks of a great dad.

“He teaches her about the outdoors and how to be strong and fearless, but is also always just as happy to be her favorite customer at the ‘beauty parlor’ to get his nails painted or give her extra kisses in a ‘cuddle nest’ of blankets and pillows on the couch,” Bella’s mom, Jenna Atkinson, explains. “She runs to the door every time she hears him pull in from work and I’m not sure which one of them is more excited when he opens the door.”

Since Bella has already found the perfect man, the little girl wants to marry daddy when she grows up. But a photo from her parents’ wedding day dashed her dreams completely!

One day, Bella noticed a picture hanging on the wall. It was a photo from her mom and dad’s wedding. Bella suddenly realized “Daddy Matt” already had a wife.

“You and Dad are married?” she asked her mom, Jenna.

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Jenna confirmed and 3-year-old Bella’s reaction was equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. Just watch as the sweet little girl does the math, realizing there is only one Daddy Matt and mom already nabbed him.

Little Girl Wants To Marry Daddy

For now, Bella and Jenna have agreed to share Matt until the 3-year-old gets old enough to find someone else.

“He has definitely set a high bar for any other boys that come into her life one day,” Jenna says.

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As heart-wrenching as Bella’s tears are, there’s no doubt she’ll one day look back and laugh at this video. And she’ll forever treasure the tight bond she has with Daddy Matt!

“See what great love the Father has given us in naming us the children of God; and such we are. For this reason, the world does not see who we are, because it did not see who He was.” 1 John 3:1

WATCH: Little Girl Who Wants To Marry Daddy Reacts To The News He’s Taken

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