Two Strangers Who Look Identical and Share the Same Name Take a DNA Test to Learn the Truth

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What are the odds that two strangers who look identical also share the same name? Now, what are the odds that those same two nearly identical strangers with the same name also share the same occupation? Not likely!

Let's break it down. Approximately 42% of the world's male population wears glasses. Only 2.7% of the 30-year-old males in the world are 6'4" inches tall or taller. And about 2% of the planet's citizens have naturally red hair. Therefore, it's pretty unusual for a guy to be 6'4" tall and have red hair and a red beard, and wear glasses. But that's not the real story here!

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Two Baseball Pitchers Names Brady Feigl

There are two gentlemen with those physical characteristics, and both are baseball pitchers named Brady Feigl. Weird, right?

Determined to find out whether 28-year-old Brady Feigl from St. Louis, MO and 33-year-old Brady Feigl of Severn, Maryland, are actually long-lost brothers, Inside Edition connected with the two to conduct DNA tests. After all, there have been cases of siblings raised separately who met later in life and learned that they'd lived extraordinarily similar lives.

The "Jim Twins" were one such pair. The two were separated at birth, put up for adoption, and reunited as adults. When they met, they learned that they shared the same interests; each had a brother named Larry and a childhood dog named Toy, and both had been married twice-first to a woman named Linda and later to a woman named Betty! They had even unknowingly given their firstborn sons the same name. And they smoked the same brand of cigarettes and drank the same type of beer!

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DNA Test Results

It would have been fascinating to learn that the Bradys are actually related, but that wasn't what the DNA tests revealed. They did learn that, though they look like they might be of Irish descent, they both possess Germanic heritage. Both Brady Feigls have ancestry that is 53% Germanic in origin. And, while they aren't blood brothers, they have definitely found a connection and agree that they are "still brothers in a way."

Brady Gregory Feigl is a free agent who pitched for Ole Miss in college and later for the Oakland Athletics. Brady Matthew Feigl has played for various teams, including the Texas Rangers and, most recently, the Pericos de Puebla of the Mexican League.

Maybe you've not found your doppelgänger yet, but there may just be one-or several-out there!

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"Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Luke 12:7

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