The Incredible Moment 40 Strangers Banded Together To Rescue Man Trapped Under Bus

40 people in Berlin lift bus after man becomes trapped underneath it

More than three dozen people came together in Germany to lift a bus and rescue a man after he got trapped under it in a Berlin neighborhood.

One person, despite prevailing wisdom and thought, can have a monumental impact – good or bad – on the world. Even if just a small, random act of kindness, the move made a positive difference in someone's life. If one person can influence noticeable change in society, what could dozens of people working together for the same goal do?

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Well, according to one recent incident in Germany, people have the power to pick up a bus, according to the Associated Press.

The incident began after an 18-year-old man ran to catch a bus that had started to pull away. The individual fell and somehow became "pinned by a tire of the rear axle." Thankfully, as the Associated Press reports, the bus driver stopped immediately.

That's when bus passengers and those simply walking by at the time of the scary incident got to work. Those individuals were able to lift the right side of the bus high enough so that the man could be removed.

But the bus passengers and other concerned citizens weren't the only people who offered their assistance during the frightening situation. Medical professionals headed to the emergency scene.

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"We were at work when we heard screams. And our boss looked out of the window and saw what had happened. And said, ‘Take the doctor's case and run,'" said Michelle Rueckborn, one of the nurses who ran to the scene.

Rescued Man Only Suffered Injury To Arm, Scrapes and Bruises

After the man was removed from underneath the bus, he was taken to the hospital. He went into surgery and was later released from the medical facility.

At the time of the incident, police reported that the man somehow escaped with only suffering an injury to an arm and a few scrapes and bruises, according to ABC News.

Those people came together, lifted a bus that had to easily weigh several hundred pounds, and saved a man's life.

AP reports that the Berlin police, in a post on social media, referred to those citizens as "heroes."

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"This poor man's cry came before the Lord, and he gave him salvation from all his troubles."Psalm 34:6


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