Lost Child Mistook Mariska Hargitay for a Real Cop & the SVU Star Dropped Everything to Help

mariska hargitay from law and order

Mariska Hargitay has played Captain Olivia Benson on Law and Order for almost 25 years. And if you have ever wondered if she is anything like her character, this story should answer your question.

The 60-year-old actress was filming a scene for the show in New York City when a young girl approached her asking for help. She assumed she was an actual police officer.

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The Girl Was Playing at the Park When She Lost Her Mom

A witness told People that the girl was playing at the Anne Loftus Playground in Fort Tryon Park when she couldn’t find her mom. Mariska Hargitay was filming a scene of Law and Order with her co-star Ice-T. As she was wearing a police officer badge, as her character Olivia does in the show, the little girl assumed she was an actual police officer and went to her.

You have to imagine that the young girl was terrified when she couldn’t find her mom. She saw “a police officer” nearby and knew to go to her for help. And even though Mariska Hargitay is not an actual police officer, she was able to help the little girl.

Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order Helped Her Find Her Mom

They stopped filming for 20 minutes and ensured the young girl was reunited with her mother, according to People. Thank goodness everything turned out okay, and that story had a happy ending.

In a video posted on Entertainment Tonight’s Facebook page, you can see that Mariska Hargitay holds the little girl while she and a few others search for the mom.

The Law and Order franchise is popular; many have watched and enjoyed the various shows. A young fan, Alyssa Bonal from Florida, was 11 years old when she was successfully able to fight off an alleged kidnapper by smearing blue slime on him. She did this after learning about the importance of evidence from watching the show.

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Learning From Law and Order

The police caught him, and Mariska Hargitay praised Alyssa on social media in an Instagram post. “Alyssa, first and most important, I am so relieved and grateful to know that you are safe. And I am so honored to be part of your incredible story. You are one BRAVE, Strong and Smart young woman. I think the SVU squad might have to add slime to their crimefighting gear!”

Whether Mariska Hargitay was a real police officer or not didn’t matter in this case. She was able to help the little girl find her mother and be a safe person for her to turn to in her time of need.

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