Family Knows God Gave Them Lucky, A Two-Headed Calf, For A Reason

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Two-Headed Calf Named Lucky Is A Miracle

Lucky earned her name by defying the odds. Born with an extremely rare disorder called Diprosopus, she was never supposed to survive. But the two-headed calf was more than Lucky — she was a miracle!

You can imagine how surprised Lucky’s humans, Kentucky cattle-farming owners Brandy and Stan McCubbin, must have been when she was born. In fact, they admit they had no idea what to do when Lucky came out with two faces and four eyes.

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Lucky’s abnormality is a result of a rare congenital disorder called Diprosopus. And while Lucky’s appearance was certainly unexpected, Brandy and Stan fell in love with the two-headed calf in no time.

After all, most calves with this disorder are stillborn. She was a miracle!

"We love this baby calf just like all other baby calves we have raised, she is just different. She walks different, she looks different, she eats differently. God has given us this miracle for a reason,” Brandy said. “We may not know His purpose, but we know we have to love and take care of Lucky."

Caring For Lucky

In the beginning, Lucky’s head was so heavy, she couldn’t stand up on her own. Her mother would come and lick her every day. Both of Lucky’s mouths had cleft palates, making it very difficult for her to eat.

As a result, she had to be bottle fed.

Of course, no one minded!

Whatever It Takes

The whole McCubbin family rallied around Lucky. They decided to raise money for the life-saving surgery Lucky would need to fix her mouths. They set up a GoFundMe page so others could help.

Everyone chipped in. Even Brandy’s young daughter, Kenley, emptied her piggybank to help save for the operation.


And as news of the two-headed calf spread, she became a bit of a celebrity, earning her the nickname “Lucky from Kentucky.” People would come by the farm just to meet her.

She’s One Of Us

A man from California even offered to buy Lucky to become part of his “freak show.”

Of course, Brandy and Stan declined the offer. Lucky was part of the family. She even got to come inside and nap with the kids.

Lucky’s condition required lots of special attention and vet visits. But Brandy and Stan didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to keep Lucky happy and healthy.

"We weren't going to give up on her while she was living," Brandy explained. "You can't just give up on somebody because they're different."

Loving Lucky

With Lucky’s widespread support, the family had no trouble raising the money for the operation she needed. Unfortunately, Lucky wasn’t meant to see that day.

Just one week from the scheduled surgery, Brandy headed out to feed the two-headed calf. Lucky mooed when she was her, but didn’t get up or interact like she normally did. Brandy knew something was wrong.

Brandy and Stan immediately loaded Lucky up into their truck and tried to get her to the vet. But she never made it.

"It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen," Brandy recalled. "I felt like she wanted us there, I felt like she waited for us before she died."

Short as it may have been, Lucky’s life was no less a miracle. And despite the heartbreak of losing Lucky, the McCubbin wouldn’t trade the 108 days they spent with her for the world.

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And those 108 days made history. According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, before Lucky, the longest living two-headed calf died at 40 days old.

So, while Lucky’s time on this earth was short, it’s not really about how many days you have, but what you do with them. And Lucky’s family knows the two-headed calf’s life had a big purpose.

“God had a purpose for Lucky and I now know it was love,” Brandy said. “She was loved by many! We were able to share our faith in God and have made many new friends! May God bless each of you!”

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