She Knew She’d Caused Her Mom Pain. So She Wrote THIS Hoping To Help Others Stop Hurting!

A mother’s love knows no limits.

A Happy Mother’s Day poem for you to enjoy and share with your mom this holiday weekend. May this Sunday be filled with joy, happiness and love for all our mothers out there!

Thanks Mom

Every child wishes for that just perfect mom,
the kind who does everything right and never anything wrong.

She must say the right things and be perfectly dressed,
keep a clean house and be happy, never ever depressed.

It’s her job to make sure her family feels blessed,
each member made happy with egos caressed.

This all sounds very nice, what a lovely world it would be,
if every mother was perfect, meeting every child’s need.

But moms are just human and make mistakes on the way,
lives filled with trials like ours, to deal with every day.

How can we ask them to be more than they’re able,
when not a single one can wear that perfect mom label.

Try to look at your mom from a new point of view,
as you grow older and wiser, you’ll see her anew.

Each mother is different, with good points and bad,
praise the fine things, talk about what makes you unhappy or sad.

If you pray for your mom, ask God to make your heart glad,
for good memories she’s given, the good times that you’ve had.

Every mother is special, precious and select,
for this very reason, give her honor and respect.

Love her like you did when you were so tender and small,
because she certainly hasn’t stopped loving you through it all.

So, God bless our dear moms, the ones we came through,
and we should forever be saying, “Mom, I thank you!”

Thank you, Mom, for being a great friend and role model. I love hearing you laugh and love recognizing you in me! Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

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