Parents Warn After Car Seat Causes Daughter’s Death

Parents Warn After Car Seat Death

One couple is warning other parents after their daughter’s car seat death. 17-month-old Mia Smith passed away in June 2015 from being left in her car seat at daycare.

17-month-old Mia Smith was under the supervision of Valerie Wackerly when she died. The daycare provider left the toddler strapped into her car seat during naptime. When she stepped out for a doctor's appointment, the woman returned to find that Mia was not breathing. After two days in the hospital, little Mia sadly passed away.

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Her mother, Lisa, was stunned to find out the cause of death. "I literally chased the investigator out of the room, down the hall and I asked ‘Are you saying she was in a car seat?’" From that moment, Mia's family knew that they needed to warn other parents about this hidden danger.

Now, they are sharing their story in hopes that a tragedy like this will not strike again. Sharon Evans is a registered nurse at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Evans uses a car seat and doll to demonstrate the dangers. "The head can fall forward and block airways," she said. "They start moving around can get themselves caught and trapped."

‘Evans also goes on to explain that these particular car seats are designed to be in a base and not for a child to sleep in. This is such a tragedy that could have been easily prevented if proper precautions were taken.

We are all praying for Mia's family during this time and truly hope that their educational message will reach other parents and childcare providers.

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