They Were About To Pull The Plug on Pastor, But Then Wife Sees Him Wigging His Toes

doctors declared man, north carolina pastor, brain dead, but wife sees his toes move

Ryan Marlow, a pastor in North Carolina, is alive and back home with his wife and three children after doctors initially and wrongly declared that he had experienced "neurological death."

The Bible is full of miracles and other wondrous signs from the hand of the good Lord above. God's Words tell of instances of divine interventions, situations in which the Lord acted, showing off his immense power and love. However, many would argue that miracles and similar events no longer happen today. But one family in North Carolina would wholeheartedly disagree with that conclusion.

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Doctors declared Ryan Marlow, a pastor in the Tar Heel State, brain dead after suffering a "bout of rapid-onset listeria and subsequent hemorrhagic stroke," according to Insider. The outlet reports that Ryan had lost mobility in his limbs.

Believing that the pastor, husband and father of three was brain dead, doctors planned to take him off life support and harvest his internal organs, according to WFMY.

In a video post on Facebook, Megan Marlow, Ryan's wife, states that doctors had even written down a time of death.

But then something miraculous happened only minutes before his organs were to be harvested. Ryan's wife, Megan, spotted movement in her husband's feet. Insider reports that Ryan began moving his toes.

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Megan demanded more tests on her husband. The tests, in fact, proved the doctors' diagnosis of "neurological death" wrong. There was blood flow in his brain. He was not dead but in a coma.

The Pastor and Father Of Three Is Now Home As His Rehabilitation Continues

After spending months in the hospital rehabilitating, Ryan returned to his home in early March.

Following his return home, a family friend referred to Ryan as a "living, breathing miracle."

"There are no words, it’s priceless just to see him. I have not seen him and so to see him today is unreal,” Kala Huffman told WFMY.

While Ryan's rehabilitation and recovery continue, it has not been easy for him or the family. He still has a long road ahead. He can’t speak after suffering nerve damage and must consume food through a feeding tube.

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But there have been some bright spots. Insider reports that Ryan, with assistance, can stand. And on his 17-year wedding anniversary, Ryan organized and took Megan out to dinner.

"And Jesus, looking at them, said, ‘With men, this is not possible; but with God all things are possible.'"Matthew 19:26

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