Train Driver Acted Fast To Rescue A Scared Pug, Then Came A Tearful Reunion With The Owners

train driver rescues lost dog

A kind train driver’s quick action and concern helped bring a lost dog that had been missing from its owners for hours home.

Anyone who has ever had a pet understands how quickly they become part of the family. Soon enough, it feels odd and wrong to celebrate anything of significance without them present. They all have the ability to find their way into your heart.

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Tears would be shed if those furry, four-legged family members were to go missing for any amount of time. Their absence would be cause for great alarm. That's what happened to Dawn and Ian Bain when their pug, Poppy, ran away one evening, according to Leicestershire Live.

The outlet reports that Poppy, who was with Ian at a local pub, ran off after the dog was nearly struck by a car.

“My husband was absolutely distraught,” Dawn said.

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The Bains immediately went out and began searching for the lost and frightened pup. They continued looking for their beloved dog for hours without any luck.

However, the Bains' fortune changed just before 8:30 the following morning, according to the BBC.

Michael Jones, a freight train driver, was coming upon a crossing when something odd caught his eye. He noticed the red of Poppy's leash.

This odd scene caused him to hit the brakes and investigate. What he found was a lost and sacred Poppy.

“All of a sudden, there was just this tiny little face just looking back at me,” Michael said.

Freight Train Driver Stops and Rescues Lost Dog

Michael added, "She was trembling and looking down at the ground."

The compassionate freight train driver picked up the dog, carrying the animal like a baby, and placed her in his locomotive. Michael proceeded to feed Poppy. He began calling around to see if anyone had lost a dog, according to Good News Network.

One of the calls Michael made was to someone at the next railroad crossing to report his finding.

As luck would have it, soon after Michael's call, Dawn, who had been out looking all night, went to that railroad crossing to inquire about Poppy.

The BBC reports Dawn was told that Poppy was, in fact, headed their way, on the next train.

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“In comes this train with this beautiful man on, with Poppy sat on his knee,” she said. “I cried, massively, and he cried.”

"A righteous man regards the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

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h/t: BBC, Leicestershire Live, Good News Network

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