25-Year-Old Quick-Change Artist Wows On AGT With A Performance That’s Simply Mind-Blowing

quick-change artist lea kyle on agt

25-year-old quick-change artist Lea Kyle left the AGT judges and audience in awe with her inspiring backstory and incredible performance. This is one audition you definitely don’t want to miss!

Lea Kyle, just 25-years-old, is from France and appears first in this video with her boyfriend of eight years.

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Florian Sainvet asks Lea if she is nervous, and she confirms that she really, really is. Florian is a magician and has already graced the AGT stage himself, appearing on the show a year before.

Lea goes on to share a bit of background.

Beautician Inspired To Become Quick-Change Artist

Lea is a trained beautician. But she says that, even though the work pays the bills, it is not her dream job. Lea has a passion for fashion, and she is super excited to meet Heidi Klum, whom she describes as the "Queen of Fashion."

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Lea continues to explain that Florian invited her to perform with him one day. Though it was quite a challenge since Lea is very shy, she found in the experience her second passion... performing! She then decided to combine her two loves and become a quick-change artist.

Just before going on stage, we see Florian declare his love for Lea. Lea says that he is her biggest fan. Though she's nervous, she is ready for this opportunity that she hopes will change her life forever and provide her the chance to perform in Las Vegas.

Lea Kyle Stuns With Mind-Blowing Performance

Heidi addresses Lea first. Lea chats a bit with the judges, and Heidi asks Lea what this opportunity means to her. After a moment, the young quick-change artist says that it means "everything" to her. While she questions herself and the appropriateness of the answer she has given, all the judges assure her that her English is fine and she has given a perfect answer to the question.

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Lea begins her act with a couple of props and a rack of hand-made costumes she has made herself. Lea nails it! Outfits fly from racks onto her body, and she's out of one costume and into another as quickly as she can wave a paper flower in front of her. Her quick-change artist routine is astounding!

The judges are dumbfounded! They praise the quality of Lea's performance, her presentation, her showmanship, and more. But, it's Lea who is rendered speechless when Heidi asks if she thinks she should go right to the live shows. Perhaps, Lea realizes as the Golden Buzzer sounds that her life may very well be changed forever. Lea is brought to tears-congratulated by Heidi, hugged by Florian, and likely Las Vegas bound!

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Lea's performance seems to be the result of hard work and big dreams. We hope Lea keeps working, dreaming, performing, and reaping rewards!

"Daniel replied, ‘No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about,’" Daniel 2:27

WATCH: Quick-Change Artist Lea Kyle Earns Golden Buzzer From Heidi Klum

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