Singer TobyMac Takes a Moment Concert to Talk about Losing his Son, Truett, and It’s Powerful

singer tobymac in concert talks son truett death

Christian singer TobyMac took a moment during a concert to reflect on the loss of his firstborn son, Truett McKeehan. And his words, along with the faith this man has shown while walking through every parent’s worst nightmare, are truly inspiring!

Toby “TobyMac” McKeehan lost his oldest son, Truett Foster McKeehan on October 23, 2019. The loss came as a complete shock and authorities later ruled accidental overdose as the cause of death.

The unexpected death left singer TobyMac and his family reeling. And even as time marches on from that tragic day, the Christian artist admits he's been walking through a "valley."

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However, even in his deep anguish, TobyMac still has hope thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And during a concert in Moline, Illinois for the first leg of his Hits Deep tour, the Christian singer shared that hope with the crowd.

Advice For When You’re In The Valley

During a concert occurring nearly two years after the death of Truett Foster McKeehan, TobyMac took a moment between songs to deliver a powerful message.

In a raw and vulnerable moment, singer TobyMac tells the audience how he has spent the years since his son’s death “walking through the valley.”

"And I know some of you guys are walking through valleys of your own,” he says.

Whether it’s depression, losing a loved one, battling illness, or struggling with finances or relationships — we all go through valleys. And Toby encourages the concert guest by sharing advice he received from a friend.

“A friend told me right after my son passed, he said, ‘Listen, sometimes when you've got nothing, and you feel it’s as dark as it has ever been, you just have to reach up and grab on to a promise of God and pull it down close to your heart,'” the Christian singer said.

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TobyMac goes on to explain that while God didn’t promise we would never experience loss and suffering. He did, however, promise He would never leave us or forsake us.

Singer TobyMac Opens Up About Son Truett

After a word about God’s promises, Toby went on to sincerely thank all the fans for standing by him and his family.

Then, after expressing his gratitude for all the support, singer TobyMac shared about the hope he has in Jesus even after the devastating loss of his son, Truett.

“I can say with perfect confidence, I believe, with all my heart, that I will see my boy again,” Toby said. He continued on, “The question is this: Why do I get to see my son again? Because his good outweighed his bad? No – because it didn’t. He was my wild child. And my good doesn’t outweigh my bad.”

The promises of God have nothing to do with how good we are. They have everything to do with how good He is. And Christian singer TobyMac takes a moment during the concert to share this incredible truth with his fans.

He says, “There’s only one reason I get to see my son again, and it’s this: ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.’ The way I see it ... is this: God gave His firstborn son so that I could see my firstborn son again."

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Who else has chills? No matter what you face today, cling tightly to God’s promises. He will not ever forsake you!

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