Bride Is in Tears After ‘Something Blue’ Hidden in Her Dress Reveals Message from the Grave

something blue wedding dress surprise

The sneaky mother of Natalie Crockett Jimenez used her daughter’s “something blue” as a way to hit her daughter with a wedding dress surprise honoring the bride’s late father. What a beautiful gesture!

Weddings and the days leading up to the big, life-changing ceremony are often highly emotional for everybody. Tears can be and are shed by many people in attendance, usually for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, they are tears of happiness for what those two people, standing at the altar, are doing, vowing to stay with one another ‘til death do them part.

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However, one mother brought the bride, her daughter, to tears for a very different but extremely sweet reason.

A Touching ‘Something Blue’

A video posted to TikTok explains that while a seamstress worked on altering a woman's wedding dress, her mother had her incorporate "something blue" in a very touching way.

The mother gave the seamstress one of the bride's late father's blue t-shirts. As the video shows, the seamstress sewed a portion of the blue t-shirt into the wedding dress in a heart-shaped pattern.

But that wasn't all!

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In the video, after the woman spots the blue piece of fabric in her dress, she notices something odd. This causes her to ask her mother a rather weird question.

"Is this his handwriting?" she asks through tears.

Text in the video explains that the bride's mother "found his handwriting in an old yearbook and had it sewn into the fabric."

The bride, thanks to the moving and thoughtful move from her mother, is, understandably, brought to tears. But right before the short, 37-second clip ends, viewers get a look at the message written by her father, which was sewn into her dress.

It's a blue heart with "I Love You Natalie, Daddy" on it.

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That's a move and a message that would have caused even the most stoic person to shed a tear or two or three.

1 Corinthians 16:14 "Let all you do be done in love."

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