A Sweet Elderly Lady Was Sad And Alone. But Then God Sent Her An Angel!

That Still Small Voice

God's divine appointments never cease to amaze me. When He is at work, a completely ordinary day can quickly turn it into something completely incredible! And that's just what He did for Brook Ochoa, a young lady from Texas, who shared her story on Facebook.

As she headed into a restaurant to grab some lunch, Brook thought she was just being polite when she held the door for an elderly lady named Delores. But she was actually walking right into one of God's divine appointments!

After entering the restaurant, Brook overheard Delores requesting a table for one. Brook, who was also planning to dine alone, suddenly felt a calling to join the sweet lady.

So often the Lord calls us to step out of our comfort zone, and so Brook hesitated briefly. But then she bravely walked over to the table where Delores sat and asked if she would like some company.

And that's all it took to show that God was at work! Brook says that the sweet lady became ecstatic.


Credit: Facebook

As the two dined, Delores shared her story. For the past 10 years, she had been living with her mother and her aunt. But then her mother passed away and shortly thereafter Delores' aunt was moved to a nursing home. Now, left alone, Delores was having a hard time coping with both losses.

And so, she was genuinely excited to now be dining with the kind-hearted Brook! Brook says that Delores repeatedly thanked her, and just kept smiling. And we all know how contagious smiles are! Brook was smiling right along, and both ladies enjoyed their time of fellowship.

The two now meet for lunch every Thursday. And I find myself yet again amazed at seeing God so clearly at work. What started out as a quick bite to eat, was soon transformed into a powerful moment for both women. We truly do serve an awesome God!

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook