Incredible Moment Students Carry Teacher When The Man’s Wheelchair Won’t Roll Through Sand

students carry teacher in wheelchair

Caring students decided to carry their teacher while on a field trip when the man’s wheelchair couldn’t roll through the sand, rather than have him miss the adventure. What an incredible moment!

Teachers have a monumental impact on society. Educators touch the lives of young people every single day. They are literally teaching the next generation, molding and shaping the minds of tomorrow. What teachers say and do can have a massive impact on the world.

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Educators are used to helping students, going out of their way to assist those in their classroom. In addition to their time, teachers often invest their own money into their classroom and their students by purchasing necessary learning materials.

However, a video posted on social media shows that when a teacher was in need, a group of students came through when he needed assistance.

Students Carry Teacher On Field Trip

The short video on Instagram begins with a student literally carrying a teacher over his shoulder. The text, which rests at the top of the frame, reads, "POV: When your teacher's wheelchair won't roll through the sand."

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The caption included with the video of the students carrying the teacher indicates that the touching move was done so that the teacher and the students could remain together during a field trip.

"A heartwarming moment as students rally around their teacher and make sure that the team can stay together, no matter what!" the caption reads.

Other students stand near the student with the teacher, almost as if they are monitoring the situation in case the student has any trouble with the teacher.

The young student carrying the teacher on his shoulder then proceeds down the dirt-covered trail with relative ease.

It's clear that those students appreciate and care for their teacher. When they saw an opportunity to return the favor and be a literal shoulder to lean on, they did not hesitate.

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John 14:14 "If you make any request in my name, I will do it."

WATCH: Students Carry Teacher When Wheelchair Won’t Roll Through Sand

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