Bystanders Fret Over Deer Stranded in the Ocean, Then a Surfer Shows Up and Saves the Day

surfer rescued deer

A surfer rescued a deer that somehow found itself stranded on a cropping of rocks in the ocean. And it’s always inspiring to see compassion like this for God’s creatures!

Of all of the amazing sites and scenes found at the ocean, we don't often think about witnessing a surfer saving a deer from the raging waters. That's not your average day at the beach!

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However, that's precisely what amateur photographer Adrienne Tully spotted through the lens of her camera while visiting off the coast of Belmar, New Jersey.

Ms. Tully was capturing shots of the sunset when she observed a deer in distress. She'd actually spied the deer earlier but had thought it was a bird-that assumption makes much more sense. Later, when she saw a group of onlookers gathered near the water at 15th Avenue, she realized that what she'd thought was a bird was a buck instead. That's definitely worthy of a double-take!

The poor hoofed fellow had found his way into a real predicament. His first mistake was finding his way out of the forest! In any case, he struggled to get out of the rough water and onto a jetty, but he was failing in his attempts to do so.

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Adrienne snapped a few more photos and soon saw that the spectators at 15th Avenue were cheering. Big Bambi had gotten help!

Surfer Rescued Deer

A surfer swam into the area and coaxed the animal out of the whirling water and nearer to the shore. Adrienne said, "There was a nice surfer, I don't know his name, but he eventually tried to guide the deer out. The deer came out and then just ran north on the beach, you know, far away from any people, and I'm sure he's fine."

Surfers in the area felt sure the deer would not have survived the rough waters without help. But none could identify the kind surfer hero who rescued the terrified deer. It seems he simply offered a hand and then went on his way.

You just never know who or what you might encounter near the Jersey shore. Ms. Tully came upon an interesting photo opportunity, sightseers had their hearts warmed by a good deed, an anonymous wave rider had the chance to serve, and Bucky survived his big adventure!

While News 12 New Jersey hopes to find out the name of the surfer who saved the out-of-place animal, it appears his identity will remain a secret.

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“So Haman came in, and the king said, ‘What should I do to honor a man who truly pleases me?’ Haman thought to himself, ‘Whom would the king wish to honor more than me?’" Esther 6:6

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