Doctor Has Reviewed 5,000 Testimonies Of Near Death Experiences And Finds Proof Of An Afterlife

doctor has reviewed thousands of testimonies of near death experiences

An oncologist in Kentucky, with decades of experience in the medical field, is convinced of the existence of an afterlife after studying thousands of near-death experiences.

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While some may still debate the existence of an afterlife, Dr. Jeffrey Long has been 100 percent convinced, through his scientific research, that it is, in fact, real, according to Insider.

The outlet reports that, as a resident, the doctor came across an article in a peer-reviewed journal that described near-death experiences. This article piqued his interest in near-death experiences.

Jeffrey said he defines near-death experiences as "someone who is either comatose or clinically dead, without a heartbeat, having a lucid experience where they see, hear, feel emotions, and interact with other beings."

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After studying thousands of those experiences, Jeffrey told the outlet that he noticed patterns started to emerge from them.

Doctor Says Patterns, Similarities Have Emerged In The Thousand of Near-Death Experiences He’s Studied

"About 45% of people who have an NDE report an out-of-body experience," he said. "When this happens, their consciousness separates from their physical body, usually hovering above the body."

He added that the person in this position "can see and hear what’s happening around them, which usually includes frantic attempts to revive them."

Jeffrey also mentioned that people who have undergone a near-death experience mention seeing similar things.

"People say they’re transported into another realm," he said. "Many pass through a tunnel and experience a bright light. Then, they’re greeted by deceased loved ones, including pets, who are in the prime of their lives."

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The doctor has studied near-death experiences for more than two decades. He has investigated every possible scientific explanation for them. He tells Insider there "isn’t even a remotely plausible physical explanation for this phenomenon."

Dr. Long, the founder of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, is convinced of the existence of an afterlife.

"I made opinions based on evidence and came into this as a skeptic.," he said. "But in the face of overwhelming evidence, I’ve come to believe there’s certainly an afterlife."

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"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."Revelation 21:4

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