Stepmom Flips To Last Page Of Photo Book and Breaks Down Over Twins Ask For Adoption

ask for adoption

These 20-year-old twins ask for adoption from their stepmom. And the special surprise leaves the woman in tears!

Stepmoms typically get a bad wrap with so many blended families that live in the world today. That definitely needs to change, and two girls are changing the tides with a video that went viral.

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The surprise Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo gave their stepmom Becky will leave you awestruck and misty-eyed. These sweet girls don't see Becky as a stepmom, they see her as a "bonus mom," who has been in their lives for the last twelve years.

They felt incredibly blessed to have such a sweet and loving mother. When Mother's Day approached the girls wanted to get a gift that expressed how much Becky meant to them. Because flowers, fluffy robes, and brunch couldn't convey what the girls felt in their hearts towards Becky.

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So, the girls planned a special surprise and caught the special moment on camera.

Twins Ask For Adoption

The twins created a book filled with all their memories as a family. But on the last page, the girls typed out their request. They ask for adoption from Becky, requesting that she officially claim them as her own. You can hear Becky read aloud, "You are family, you are home, you are the true definition of what a mother is … With that being said, we have one thing to ask you."

Becky was overcome with emotion by the adoption request. Her eyes filled with tears as she hunched over the table, unable to speak before she said yes and to find a pen. The girls also have the paperwork on hand so they could get started on the process right away. This is perhaps the most precious and touching video and it's currently breaking the internet because it is just so beautiful and touching.

As a mom whether or not you birth your children, you know you would lay down your life for your children. It is the most beautiful feeling when your children honor you in a way as these two sweet girls did. What an incredible family.

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1 Samuel 1:27 "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."

WATCH: 20-Year-Old Twins Ask For Adoption From Their Stepmom

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