Elderly Shoppers Get A Special Blessing When Tyler Perry Buys Groceries For Them

Tyler Perry buys groceries

Most of us are staying at home, quarantined behind the safety of our doors. But there still comes a time when we need to go out and get groceries for our families. Many people are struggling with furloughs and layoffs, so the checkout register looms large and we cringe as the cashier rings us up. But in a surprise act of kindness, Tyler Perry buys groceries for some elderly grocery shoppers.

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Hollywood actor Tyler Perry surprised elderly shoppers throughout stores in Louisiana and Atlanta earlier this month. The surprise occurred at 29 different Winn-Dixie stores in Louisiana and 44 Kroger establishments in Atlanta.

COVID-19 has proven to be most harmful to the elderly, especially those with preexisting conditions. This fact has led many essential businesses to issue an elderly-only shopping hour. This special hour ensures that the most vulnerable people can get their food while staying safe.

Tyler Perry Buys Groceries For The Elderly

Knowing this, Tyler Perry made his donation to the various stores in secret. Initially, he donated anonymously under the alias "Atlanta Angel", but somewhere along the way people found out. And the overjoyed recipients wasted no time expressing heartfelt gratitude to Tyler.

One happy person had this to say on Twitter:

Another grateful person said this:

Tyler Perry has been active during the pandemic to provide relief to those most affected. Just this month, he also made a donation to a restaurant in Houston, tipping the establishment a total of $21,000 to be split between employees.

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He's a godly reminder that lending a helping hand to those in need is not only an act of love but can also keep people safe.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tyler Perry