Pregnant Woman Thought She Had Plenty Of Time Until She Gave Birth In Her Front Yard

woman gave birth at home in front yard

A woman gave birth at home in her front yard when her baby boy decided to make an early (and swift) entry into the world!

Some expectant mothers opt for a birth plan that involves delivering their baby at home rather than at the hospital. But Emily Johnson is not one of those moms. She fully intended to deliver her bundle of joy, Thomas, from a hospital bed.

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Little Thomas, however, had other plans!

When Emily Johnson first started having contractions a week early, she and her husband, Michael, weren’t too concerned. The contractions were 10 minutes apart. And with the hospital only five minutes away, they figured they had plenty of time.

But then, things took a drastic turn.

Woman Gives Birth At Home

Suddenly, Emily’s contractions began coming harder and faster.

“Then the contractions went from three minutes to two minutes to one minute in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes, and we are like, ‘Oh, we got to get into the car — we have to go,'” she recalled.

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As Emily Johnson made her way out of her home and across the front yard, she realized Baby Thomas wasn’t going to wait until they got to the hospital. So, she laid down in the grass and this woman gave birth at home right in her front yard!

Emily’s mother, Kristy Sparks, arrived just in time to lend a hand. And moments later, the paramedics arrived.

“By the time they walked up to me, I had a baby in my arms crying,” Kristy explained. “It was unreal.”

Sweet little Thomas arrived at 10:42 p.m. weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces!

Cameras Were Rolling As Mother Gave Birth At Home

Baby Thomas was the couple’s miracle baby in more ways than one. Once Emily and Michael Johnson decided to try giving their 3-year-old son, Blake, a sibling, it took six months before Emily finally got pregnant.

And even though their front yard experience certainly gives new meaning to the term “natural birth,” the outcome was quite miraculous. We sometimes forget how many things can go wrong during labor. Yet, everything went pretty smoothly during the impromptu delivery, all things considered.

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The woman who gave birth at home in the front yard doesn’t just have a completely unique and bizarre birth story to share. Thanks to the couple’s doorbell camera, she has footage from the surreal event, too!

By the time the Johnson family made it to the hospital, with Emily covered in grass clippings and dirt stains, the video of her unusual birth was ready for viewing. And the mom has the best reaction to going viral.

“With all of the pain, trauma, and negativity on the news lately, I’m glad that a video with me groaning like a farm animal welcoming my second baby can bring joy and laughter to others,” she jokes.

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What an incredible story! And in a world where there is so much uncertainty, we can take comfort in knowing our God never changes!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

WATCH: Woman Gave Birth At Home In Front Yard

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