110-Year-Old Always Wanted to Be a Singer So Great-Grandson Made it Happen on Her Birthday

110-year-old great-grandma singing

110-year-old Amy Winifred Hawkins always wanted to be a singer. She began blessing her great-grandson with a song a day. And he, in turn, helped make her dream come true when her sweet videos went viral!

Can the oldest living person in Wales still win on today's high-tech platforms? Watch as 110-year-old Amy Winifred "Win" Hawkins goes viral with the gift of song. Thanks to great-grandson, Sacha Freeman, Amy is sharing joy on TikTok, and garnering fans who are drawn to her peaceful soul.

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In just days, a video of Amy singing the World War One classic, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" earned over 100,000 views, plus loads of hearts and happy comments. Her great-grandson captioned the video: "110-year-old great-grandma is celebrating her birthday with some jolly songs 24/01/1911."

A British supercentenarian born in 1911, Amy danced professionally as a teen, and then became a window-dresser, marrying George Hawkins in 1937. The couple had a daughter, Rosemary Morris, in 1947.

When her beloved husband passed in 1996, she moved in with Rosemary and her husband, Rob. And, she's since formed a bond with great-grandson Sacha that's warming hearts everywhere.

Great-Grandson Helps 110-Year-Old Go Viral

After sharing the sensational birthday video, Sacha shared in another TikTok video that, "My 110-year-old great-grandma loves singing, I'm learning a new one from her everyday!!" The two have formed a special relationship while hunkering down together as a family to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic.

One source says that Amy's mother had discouraged her many decades ago from touring with the dance company because it was "unladylike." But Sacha knew this sweet 110-year-old lady still longed to perform and bless others with her talent.

So, on the advice of his mom, Hannah Freeman-Sacha made Amy's birthday wish come true.

Her sweet song, delivered whilst cozied in a crochet-draped chair, can be enjoyed below. It's already garnered thousands of hearts on TikTok, and is surely delighting more hearts still.

A British news source reports Hannah Freeman is loving the reactions to Amy and Sacha's TikTok videos, saying it's "restored her faith in humanity." Apparently, 110-year-old Amy has been singing post-war era songs since she was a little girl.

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Sacha's mother, Hannah, said that people commenting have been "in tears" because they're missing family they've lost in these trying times of lockdown and distancing. Sacha's favorite takeaway from the comments concurs…as he's noticing "people missing their family during COVID and how lovely my grandma is."

WATCH: 110-Year-Old Great-Grandma Loves To Sing


##duet with @singinggran1911 the official account for the ##oldestontiktok ##fyp ##xyzbca ##singing ##wales ##uk

♬ original sound – Amy Hawkins

Sacha and Amy's songs are creating a flurry of inspired feedback, including "such a privilege for us that you share her here," and "She has survived both pandemics 1918 and this one.”

Commenters following other songs recorded by the 110-year-old in her TikTok collection include, "Does she know dream a little dream of me?" and "very nice I wish her long life."

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Such a well-said wish, for us all. That we may have long life, and a song in our soul at any age…even in trying times.

"They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full..." Psalm 92:14

WATCH: 110-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Singing

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