Delivery Room Erupts in Cheers As Mom Gives Birth to Nearly 15-lb Baby, Setting Hospital Record

15 lb baby sonny ayres

Britteney Ayres’ fifth child ended up being an extra large blessing — a nearly 15-lb baby boy named Sonny. It’s no wonder the delivery room burst into cheers!

In the realm of childbirth, every baby is a miracle — a precious gift from above. But sometimes, the way these miracles unfold can leave us in complete awe. And Britteney Ayres’ story is one such testimony of God’s incredible power.

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This mom eagerly awaited the arrival of her fifth child. And the day Sonny made his grand entrance was nothing short of extraordinary!

When Sonny arrived via cesarean section, his sheer size came as a complete shock. Most newborns are so tiny and delicate. But as a nearly 15-lb baby, this robust bundle of joy defied all expectations and even set a record!

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think he'd be that big," the boy’s dad, Chance, remarked.

Nearly 15-Lb Baby Sets A New Record

At birth, Sonny weighed in at 14 pounds, 8 ounces. And for Cambridge Memorial Hospital, where he was born, Sonny Ayres is the biggest baby delivered since the hospital started tracking measurements in 2010.

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Joy and celebration broke out in the delivery room as Sonny set this new record.

"When they put Sonny on the scale, there was a drumroll and all the doctors and nurses were throwing out guesses about what the number would be," Chance recalled. "After they read his weight, everybody was cheering like the league had won the Stanley Cup.”

And no wonder everyone was so excited. The day of Sonny’s birth was a moment of divine grace and revelation. It showcased the remarkable beauty of the human body’s capacity to bring life into the world, even under the most extraordinary circumstances.

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After his arrival, this nearly 15-lb baby had no use for newborn-sized clothes or diapers. Sonny jumped ahead right into 6-month clothing. And his birth reminds us of how God can surprise us with huge, unexpected blessings at any time!

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In Sonny’s arrival, we see a reflection of the wonders of God’s creation, a testimony to the power of love, and a message that even the most exceptional circumstances can lead to the most extraordinary blessings.

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