Spry 92-Year-Old Grandpa Shares the Secret to His Longevity: He Can’t Stop Moving

Active Grandpa Lew Burja

Lew Burja, a retired teacher from Leeds, England, is one very active grandpa. And now, he's sharing his secret for living well in his advanced years!

At 92 years old, the active grandpa of three does things that many in their 60s aren't able to, including walking several miles a day, jumping, running, eating rich foods, and more. So, what's his secret?

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Lew attributes his good health and longevity to his discovery of tai chi.

Inspiring Active Grandpa Lew Burja

When Lew Burja entered his 50s, he began to suffer from recurring chest infections and a bad back. He'd been active his entire life, teaching sports and games to students and participating in rugby, Judo, weightlifting, track, and English football. That's quite a range of activities! However, he had never tried tai chi.

So, when Lew saw a tai chi demonstration, he was intrigued. He decided to give it a try, joined a gym, and began training in tai chi for two hours every week. Lew's training also included 30 minutes of kung fu each week.

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Tai chi combines martial arts with meditation to slow down both mind and body by using repeated rhythmic choreography and breathing exercises. The practice, rooted in Chinese medicine, is thousands of years old, and the goal of tai chi is to help individuals gain a sense of inner peace and tranquility, as well as improve overall physical health.

While tai chi is a very specific sport, "kung fu" has a broader definition. In China, the term "kung fu" can be used to describe anything that requires study, patience, energy, and time to learn. However, in general, outside of China, Kung Fu refers to a type of Chinese martial arts.

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Lew admits becoming almost "fanatic" about his practice of tai chi, but his new sport did the trick! Soon, the active grandpa was feeling much better and no longer needed the antibiotics he'd been taking. Lew shared, "There's a specific sequence of movements you can do to manage certain health conditions. That's how I stopped getting chest infections. I'd often had colds before starting tai chi, and they stopped too."

Spry 92-Year-Old’s Advice For Longevity

Now, forty years after embarking on his tai chi journey, Lew is still going strong. The active grandpa is physically strong and healthy. While Lew no longer does kung fu fighting, he can still manage the "hits and kicks." What's more, Lew has a sharp mind. Lew, at 92, is taking on another big endeavor-he's working on a book!

Lew advises others, "Plenty of exercise is what keeps you going, and it also gives you a really positive outlook on life, and it's kept me fully compos mentis. I'm training to be a thriller writer." Compos mentis translates to "of sound mind, memory, and understanding."

With a healthy body and an active mind, Mr. Burja is one to listen to. Tai chi anyone?

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