Sweet Daddy Joins In As His Little Girl Practices Her Basic Ballet Moves At Home

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A devoted dad sweetly mirrors his daughter’s basic ballet moves while the precious girl practices at home. And the adorable moment is melting hearts all over!

It was an adorable moment captured on camera when this daddy helps his daughter practice her ballet moves at home.

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The impact of the Coronavirus has been felt across the globe. In fact, the widespread effects have caused many people to self-quarantine and business to close their doors, for the time being. This means the cancelation of many routine activities such as sports practice, family outings, and dance.

But it's during these troubling times that it is so important to find joy the small moments each day.

Special Daddy-Daughter Moment

While her dance studio is closed, this young ballerina has continued practicing her basic ballet moves via Zoom. But sometimes, when you're by yourself, it's a lot harder to be motivated. Thankfully, this little cutie has an adoring dad who will always stand right beside her...literally.

In this viral clip, you can see Dad dancing right along with his daughter as they perform some talented ballet moves.

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“When your daddy is committed to helping you learn and perform your free-style dance for ballet class on Zoom!” wrote Kristen Beam Witt.

After the video was shared online, it quickly spread across social media. And when you see this beaming pair plié around the living room, you'll be grinning from ear to ear too.

These days, it's easy to find the negative. But it's in these moments of pure joy and happiness that we are truly more connected than ever.

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We hope this short clip provided you with some joy and smiles during these uncertain times.

WATCH: Dad And Daughter Practice Basic Ballet Moves At Home

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