Two Eyes Stare Back at Woman from Open Crawlspace & She Finds a Bear Under the House

bear under house

Tina Marquez-Herzog found something unexpected inside her crawlspace – a bear under the house! And her story of making (and dealing with) this startling discovery is fascinating!

Most people adore animals. It's nearly impossible for individuals to get their fill of cats, dogs and other members of the four-legged and furry friend community. They would do anything and everything they could to help and protect them. It pains people to see an animal suffering or in any pain.

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However, there are some animals from which people should keep their distance, or they might be the ones who end up hurting and in pain. Snakes, alligators and bears immediately come to mind when considering members who fit this exclusive category.

But for one woman, Tina, it was impossible to avoid a run-in with a massive black bear because it had parked itself under her house!

"When I saw the crawlspace grate ripped off its hinges, I'm like, ‘Oh, no, it's down there," she told Kelly Clarkson. "So, I walked down to my basement with my flashlight, and the eyes shone right back at me."

WATCH: Woman Talks About Finding Bear Under The House

However, Tina, despite having a bear weighing several hundred pounds staring right at her from under her house, managed to get the animal out on her own!

Hilariously, Tina first turned to Google for answers to fix her problem, searching, "How to get a bear out of a crawlspace." Unfortunately, the internet wasn't much help. So, she turned to her town's mayor and the police, who advised her to purchase mothballs.

Taking the advice, Tina secured some mothballs and threw them underneath the house with the bear. That was successful. The bear left on its own, probably to look for another crawlspace to hang out under.

The creatures God placed on Earth deserve love and respect. However, if I found a bear parked under my house, I'd have a for-sale sign in my yard quickly!

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Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."

WATCH: Getting Bear Out From Under The House

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