Brave Dog Scares Off Bear Who’d Snuck Into The House When No One Was Looking

brave dog scares off bear

In this incredible video, a brave dog scares off a bear after the wild animal found its way into a family’s home in upstate New York.

Animals are lovely beings created by the same God who put the sun, moon and stars in place. However, it's better to gaze at some animals behind a secure barrier or at least from a considerable distance. Bears would most certainly fall into this category. Despite their cute appearance, they can be dangerous, inflicting pain or even death upon those who venture too close.

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Luckily, one dog did not give a curious bear a chance to do any damage to a house or its inhabitants.

Brave Dog Scares Off Bear

A video posted to YouTube shows the massive creature making its way into the New York house. The video shows the back doors standing open, so the bear naturally took this as an invitation to help itself.

However, the bear's unannounced visit was cut very short. The video shows that after entering the house, the massive animal slowly begins to head in the direction of the kitchen. One brave pooch, though, comes barking into the room and scares off the bear.

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The dog races into the room, barking at the massive wildlife member. The animal, sensing that it's not wanted, hightails it out of the house. Once the bear has left the house, a woman comes running into the frame and closes the doors, which had made it possible for the bear to enter.

However, the bear isn't done. Thinking that his exit may have been somewhat premature, the clip shows the bear coming back toward the now-closed doors. It momentarily sniffs around the doors but ultimately walks away.

The family's brave and heroic dog earned itself a few extra treats and head scratches. The dog kept a frightening situation from becoming something much worse.

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2 Timothy 4:18 "The Lord will keep me safe from every evil work and will give me salvation in his kingdom in heaven: to whom be glory for ever and ever. So be it."

WATCH: Brave Dog Scares Off Bear Inside Family’s Home

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