Scary Image Shows Why Parents Need to Use Caution When Choosing Bathing Suits For Kids

blue bathing suits for kids warning

Some may not realize, but blue bathing suits for kids is a bad idea. In fact, avoiding blue bathing suits can save a child's life!

One image posted to Facebook proves this warning. The image was presented online by an Australian group called CPR Kids.

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In the image is a seemingly empty pool outside of a home. The bright blue pool looks as deep as it is beautiful. The picture though, comes with a question. CPR Kids writes in their post:

"What do you see underneath the water here? Take a good look. Anything? A child?"

One of the group's educators made the scary discovery after she remarked how cloudy the water appeared. She had a child wearing a very dull blue swimsuit swim to the bottom. There they practically disappeared.

Blue Bathing Suits For Kids Can Be Dangerous And Here’s Why

For this reason, the group led by pediatric nurses urge parents to have their children only wear brightly colored swimsuits. This will help in drowning prevention with children.

CPR Kids shared another post highlighting the significance of color difference in bathing suits. In this post they write, "Remember; drowning is silent, and every second counts." This post includes two pictures, one with a kid wearing blue, and another picture where the child is not.

People have responded to both posts, some citing the information as "scary" and "important." Both are very true.

One person commented, "This is 100% correct! I thought I was carefully watching my 3 kids. My son had a bright blue Speedo sun shirt on that I didn't think anything of. He stepped backwards off the step and went under. Originally I thought he was under for only 3 secs but my cameras caught the whole thing and it was 26secs!!!! I can't believe I was within arms reach of him and didn't notice because of his blue swim shirt."

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Their findings can even be applied to adults who do not know how to swim well, though adults thankfully are larger in size and therefore easier to spot.

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h/t: Mirror UK

Featured Image Credit: Facebook