Professor Finally Decides To Open Battered Box From Mailroom And Finds $180,000 Cash Inside

box full of cash

Dr. Vinod Menon will never allow his mail to pile up again after discovering that a basic, brown package was actually a box full of cash!

The COVID pandemic had many working remotely from home, away from their offices, workplaces, and crowds for months on end. This was the case for Professor Menon, who serves as the Physics Department Chair for City College of New York (CCNY).

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So, when Dr. Menon returned to his office after over a year, he was probably faced with a mile-high stack of mail. However, Dr. Menon found something incredible waiting for him!

Beat-Up Package Holds Special Surprise

Sent about ten months earlier and stuck between the college's mailroom and Dr. Menon's office was a cardboard box about the size of a toaster. When the professor opened it, he found stacks of $50 and $100 bills like nothing he'd ever seen before, outside of the "movies."

Dr. Menon immediately closed the box full of cash and contacted the Dean to let him know what he'd received. The parcel, sent without fanfare or special handling, had only bubble wrap protecting the bills inside. But, after lingering unattended all that time, it eventually found its way to the intended recipient.

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The sender included an unsigned letter with box full of the cash, which explained that he or she was a graduate of CCNY and that the school had provided an education that led to a very successful and satisfying scientific career. The donor had actually received 2 degrees from CCNY and gained more education after leaving City College. The anonymous benefactor just wanted to make available the same opportunity for others by providing scholarships to deserving students.

Box Full Of Cash To Help Provide Scholarships

The letter's writer outlined instructions for selecting the scholarship recipients but gave little information about his or her identity in the typed document-even going so far as to include a false name and address on the outside of the box.

Of course, the school appreciates the gift. It says a great deal about the quality of a CCNY education and its teachers.

“I’m really honored that he or she decided that this was the right place to spend that kind of money on,” remarked Dr. Menon.

Though federal agents had to verify the funds as a lawful and legitimate donation, the money from the box full of cash can now be used to provide 2 students each year, for 12 years, with full scholarships in the amount of $7,500 each!

What an amazing gift! Potentially, 24 students will be able to gain the education they need to better themselves and better the world!

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