Capsized Boat Survivor Spent 14 Hours In Turbulent Sea Clinging To Faith Help Would Arrive

24-year-old old had faith he would be rescued after boat capsized

One young man was left stranded in the ocean naked and freezing for more than 12 hours but says he never doubted for a second that he'd be found and rescued.

The world is filled with magnificent, breathtaking sights, sounds and places. Those who enjoy traveling will always have something and somewhere to explore. However, some places like beautiful, snow-covered mountain ranges and the vast, expansive oceans, can be unforgiving.

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Tom Robinson, a 24-year-old rower from Australia, knows from first-hand experience how dangerous and unpredictable the oceans can be, according to People.

In early October, Tom was in his boat when a "rogue wave came out of nowhere and turned the boat upside down." His boat capsized, forcing Tom to tie himself to his overturned water vessel. He was naked and freezing as he waited in the ocean.

Tom explained that he was not wearing any clothes at the time of the capsizing because that's how he prefers to row since it "stops chafing," he said.

After Tom was stranded, People reports that the young man sent a distress signal, hoping someone would find and rescue him.

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Tom, according to the New Zealand Herald, was finishing up a year-long solo journey. He was rowing from South America to Brisbane, Australia. He was trying to become the youngest person to complete that trek across the Pacific Ocean by himself.

However, as he explained, despite his scary situation. Tom had all the faith and belief in the world that he would be rescued.

The Young Man Had ‘Utmost Faith’ That He’d Be Rescued

"I had the utmost faith that help would arrive," he said, according to People. "You can't let any doubts creep in because then that becomes a really bad headspace to be in."

Eventually, Tom was rescued after 14 hours stranded in the ocean.

An Australian-based cruise ship sailed more than 120 miles out of their way to rescue the stranded 24-year-old. The New Zealand Herald reports that due to Tom's unexpected rescue, the cruise did not make two ports of call.

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Tom mentioned he was grateful to the cruise ship's staff for coming to his rescue. However, he also felt terrible for disrupting their cruise.

"I feel really bad that I had to interrupt a cruise, I really do," Tom said. "And it is a real shame that my life was in danger and I had to put other people's lives out of their way to come and save me. I'm not proud of that at all. And I'd rather it not be like that."

Disrupted cruise or not, thank God Tom was rescued.

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"But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord; He is their stronghold in the time of trouble."Psalm 37:39

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