Carol Burnett Show Co-Stars Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face During These Funny Moments

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Carol Burnett Show co-stars were completely unable to contain their laughter during these hysterical moments, often causing them to break character during sketches.

The Carol Burnett Show is a beloved television program that continues to provide plenty of laughter and joy. The show's superb writing and stellar cast made for classic sketch after classic sketch. Place Tim Conway, Carol Burnett or Harvey Korman in an insane, off-the-wall setting and just sit back and wait for comedy gold.

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However, while the program is known for laugh-out-loud skits, it's also well known for the many times actors in the sketch could not keep themselves from laughing. For the most part, Harvey seemed the easiest to break, often bursting into laughter at some insane thing from Tim.

Carol Burnett Show Co-Stars Just Couldn’t Stop Laughing

A clip posted on YouTube featured some of the best moments from the show when the actors broke out into laughter. Again, most of the skits in the video are of Harvey laughing at Tim.

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The video starts with Harvey and Tim playing criminal masterminds. Tim is preparing his disguise. It's not exactly the best concealment, and Harvey absolutely loses it when Tim augments it in an unconventional way.

Another memorable skit in the video is Tim as the Oldest Sheriff during his terrible but hilarious attempts to play a hand of poker. Again, Harvey loses it at Tim's hilarious antics.

However, the skit in which everyone involved loses it and breaks character, laughing multiple times through the sketch, involves Tim as a surgeon. Tim plays the Oldest Surgeon, and seconds into the sketch, Tim, Harvey and Vicki Lawrence laugh.

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It would have been nearly impossible to keep from laughing during these sketches in Harvey, Tim and Vicki’s defense. It’s incredible they were able to keep from laughing as long as they did.

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