Have A Laugh With This Classic Carol Burnett Skit About Finding Love In A Ski Lodge

carol burnett skit ski lodge

Two accident-prone singles meet in this classic Carol Burnett skit about a ski lodge romance. Rife with slap-stick comedy, this hilarious pair will remind you that love hurts!

The skit starts off with Carol Burnett's character writing a letter to her mother from the lobby of a ski lodge.

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"Dear Mom, I've really been having a rotten time," she says in a voice-over. "I'm thinking of checking out of here and coming home. I haven't met anybody up here who's my type."

She is writing the letter to her mom while her arm is propped up in a cast. Then, a man around her age with glasses on comes into the room using crutches with a cast on his leg.

That's when Carol grabs the letter, crinkles it up, and throws it away. She clearly has an idea to make an impression on the guy who just came into the room!

She then insists on helping him to the couch, and he grabs onto her broken arm for some support. The laughs are already starting with the audience, and you can tell that this Carol Burnett ski lodge skit is going to be hilarious.

Funny Carol Burnett Skit Explores A Ski Lodge Romance

As the pair are talking, Carol finds out that it was her who broke the guy's leg when her luggage fell on top of him. The two are making their way to the couch in a haphazard way, and the whole performance will just make you giggle!

Then the two start to sign each other's casts while continuing their conversation. And they keep bumping into each other or hurting the other in some way as they try to connect. This is one clumsy pair!

"I love the parts where they both broke and started laughing," writes one person on YouTube after watching the video.

"It was so wonderful to see Carol & Jim together!" comments another person online.

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The Carol Burnett Show is such a classic and made people laugh for years and years. We hope that this skit from the show was able to bring some joy to your day!

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