Director Pulls A Prank As Carol Burnett Sings ‘Trolley Song’ And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Carol Burnett sings Trolley Song

In this classic clip, things go awry as Carol Burnett sings ‘Trolley Song.’ But the mishap is no accident. It’s a prank played by the director and Carol’s reaction is downright hilarious!

A lip-sync is when someone ‘performs' a song and moves the lips, but doesn't make a sound. It is a skill actors often have to use in movies and TV shows. People often lip-sync to generate laughs rather than showcase their musical talents.

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Well, Carol Burnett may just be an expert, but even she ran into a little problem!

Funny and entertaining as she is, Carol was caught off guard by the prank. The director clearly set her up with the "bet" he wagered beforehand.

When the music started to distort, she gave some interesting looks before wising up to what was happening.

Director Pulls A Funny Prank

As Carol Burnett sings, she goes along with the prank, humorously matching her facial expressions with the altered lyrics and music. The sight is hilarious! She contorts her face to match the music's slowness or mouths really quickly to imitate speed.

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Now, the bet was that as Carol Burnett sings, she could make the lip-sync look authentic. She definitely succeeded. Her lips moved as though she was singing in the moment. If not for the music alterations, I would have believed she was singing live.

Can you imagine being in a challenge where you had to anticipate all these changes?

We're not all as talented as Carol, but she shows us how to have fun when the pranks roll in.

What a talented woman Carol Burnett is, acting and "singing" at the same time and having to think fast on her feet! It's no wonder The Carol Burnett Show was on the air for 11 seasons. The series that first aired on September 11, 1967 had 279 episodes, each featuring hilarious scenes like this one.

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Watching these classic clips from Carol is sure to put a big ole smile on your face!

WATCH: Carol Burnett Sings ‘Trolley Song’

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