Cat Uncovers Owner’s Pet Camera And His Creepy Adorable Reaction Gets Him Labeled ‘Psychopath’

cat in front of camera

When Doodles found his owner’s pet camera, the reaction from this cat in front of the camera left everyone laughing, yet slightly disturbed!

Kelley Schaller is crazy about her furbabies — 17-year-old Bobcat and 4-year-old Doodles. And it’s easy to see why. They’re both adorable!

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But Doodles gave everyone a good laugh (or scare?) one day when he made a certain discovery!

While away from home, Kelley uses a pet camera to keep an eye on her beloved kitties.

“I had installed the pet cam about a week before I came across the footage,” she explained. “The camera has the ability to link to your phone and I can shoot out cat treats at Doodles and Bobcat while I'm away.”

My two floofy babies, Bobcat and Doodles from r/Floof

On this particular day, Kelley wasn’t doling out the treats as often as she usually did. And that’s when Doodles decided to investigate further. And the reaction by this cat in front of the camera took the Internet by storm!

Cat In Front Of Camera Gives Creepy Adorable Reaction

Baffled by the monitoring device (and why no treats were coming out), a wide-eyed Doodles tried to use his smoldering gaze as a means of intimidation.

“So he just did his 1,000-yard stare instead and looked like a psychopath,” Kelley Schaller said. “I laughed so hard when I saw the footage.”

The cat in front of the camera just sat there, staring and refusing to blink. With the black and white filter from the camera, the footage had a creepy quality to it, making Doodles’ reaction both adorable and slightly disturbing at the same time.

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Kelley shared the pet camera footage on the popular social media site, Reddit. And folks found the reaction equal parts creepy and adorable!

“I feel like Doodles looked directly into my soul,” one user commented.

“I’d be too afraid of Doodles after seeing this,” said another.

WATCH: Curious Cat Is Startled By Pet Cam

Doodles startled by the pet cam from r/StartledCats

Though Kelly describes Doodles as a “ridiculous and weird kitty”, she assures everyone that he’s got a heart of gold beneath all that fluff.

“Doodles runs to the door every day when I get home from work and we have a very long and thorough conversation about how much he missed me (and when I'm going to feed him),” she says. “He likes to wait in the bathroom with me while I shower I think just to make sure I'm safe and not drowning. He then likes to get in the tub and play with the water as it goes down the drain.”

The footage of the cat in front of the camera brought a smile to so many on social media. And it sounds like Doodles brings plenty of laughter and joy to his human’s life every day.

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Our animals truly are a gift from the Lord!

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